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“A man cannot think, love, sleep well if he has not eaten well” – Virginia Woolf

We at CIVITA believe that with our free products we can contribute to a full life without cancellations! It is important to us that – the meal should go beyond satisfying needs and be a real physical and mental recharge – innovative technology should create value together with craftsmanship – make life even more complete with our products.
Even as a group of companies on stable footing with a turnover of more than HUF two billion, the duality of modern processing and artisanal quality is important to us. This is the guarantee that all CIVITA products are packaged in their natural state. The Hungarian corn we process now finds consumers not only within the borders of the country, but also abroad. The innovative way of thinking will continue to be characteristic of company management in the future, so there are still many ideas waiting to be implemented. CIVITA, like all companies, has changed a lot in the last 30 years, but it has never given up on two things: quality and stability.

Environmentally conscious CIVITA

In today’s world, environmentally conscious and responsible corporate management is almost a matter of life, since our Earth and thus our lives depend on it. Every small intention that we can use to reduce the environmental load, our Earth will thank you. This is important in everyday life not only at the level of the individual, but also at the level of companies.

CIVITA is also putting more and more effort in order to do as little damage to the environment as possible with its operations, i.e. to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible.

What is the ecological footprint?

The ecological footprint is the value that expresses how much land and water a social unit needs to sustain itself and to absorb the produced waste. This value can be calculated for a family, region, country, but also for a business. Since the value can be influenced from two directions, it is important to eviscerate the available natural values less and less, and to be more and more aware of the garbage produced on a daily basis. It is a fact that even today the calculation of the value is constantly being refined, but as an indication it is definitely worth thinking about.

What does CIVITA do to reduce its ecological footprint during its production activities?

1. The corn necessary for the production of our products is grown within a 50 km radius of Debrecen, so we are guaranteed to use local ingredients. Vehicles do not pollute the air during short transports.

2. Our single-handed farm-to-table production process guarantees the naturalness of our products and the freedom from any additives. We only process corn from GMO-free production. All phases of corn processing are done in one place, which is a guarantee of quality and reliability on the one hand, and economy on the other.

3. We create our products without any allergens or any additives, and we also make sure to use only chemical-free corn for this. Thanks to this, our products preserve the naturalness of the raw material as best as possible.

4. Since corn is the grain sown in the largest area in our country, it is a raw material that is abundantly available, so the production of corn oil is cheaper than that of olive oil. CIVITA’s cold-pressed extra virgin corn oils also preserve all the valuable active ingredients in the germ. In this way, the beneficial effect of locally produced corn oil is a worthy rival to that of olive oil, while putting a much smaller burden on our environment.

5. Our latest development is the creation of a solar park within the plant, with which we can make our operation much more sustainable, since we will be able to produce a certain part of the energy used ourselves.

Only we humans can do to reduce our ecological footprint!

Company history and milestones

The founding of Agri-Corn Kft., the foundation stone of CIVITA, the production of milling products for the pharmaceutical industry begins.
Technological transformation, the company becomes a beer industry supplier, diversification of the product mix begins (feed market).
The company is becoming an increasingly important player in the domestic processing and food industry, the customer base continues to expand (snack manufacturers).
The vision of becoming a manufacturer of finished products and the idea of ​​creating an independent brand is born.
The new mill is built, preparations for the production of premium quality gluten-free foods begin.
The oil plant starts, the cold-pressed natural corn oil is put on the market.
The production of gluten-free pasta begins.
The product portfolio is expanded with the spice oil product line.
The sale of corn pasta produced on contract in Italy begins.
The sale of self-produced short pasta starts, and the research and development of high-fiber, gluten-free pasta begins.
The sale of high-fiber, gluten-free pasta begins.
A decision is made to create an independent long pasta production line, and the preparation of the investment begins.
R&D to develop new products. Pasta products appear on the international private label market.
Construction of a new warehouse building for finished goods. The company entered the domestic private label market with its pasta products.
Solar power plant installation; Commissioning of a long cut production line (production and distribution of the entire pasta range).
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